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    Level up your public speaking skills

    English is spoken in more than 50 countries and by more than 400 million people across the world. The English language holds the power of one of the common languages, and at the same time, makes it necessary for individuals to have proficiency in it. At K.S. Institute, we understand the requirement and fulfill the same by offering the best Spoken English courses curated specifically to support individuals’ learning requirements. With excellent English speaking abilities, you can better express ideas, convince, and impress.

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    What do we do?

    K.S. Institute has been a reputed name in the niche of English language test preparation and coaching. Our faculty consists of individuals dedicated to providing you with an exclusive learning experience with positive outcomes. We have the best Spoken English courses that help you speak fluent English with proper articulation and accent. We welcome individuals of all gender and age to learn with us.

    Through us, you get an understandable English-speaking environment where you start learning from day one, and within a few weeks, observe improvement in your communication skills.

    Candidates looking for result-oriented spoken English courses to prosper at work, deliver better performance at job interviews and get promotions faster can contact us. We work on improving your communication skills and encourage you to perform up to your best potential.

    Spoken English Modules

    Listening Skills

    Focused listening skills help you better understand what the other person has to say.

    Speaking Skills

    With the use of different methodologies, you can bring confidence to your speech.


    Our experts help you build vocabulary by making you learn new words and synonyms daily.

    Reading Skills

    Reading helps you to improve your understanding of the English language and build your vocabulary.


    Why Choose Us?

    We offer tailored training solutions to meet your exact communication development needs.

    Voice and Accent

    Our experts work on improving dictation and neutralizing the accent.

    Sentence Framing

    With effective sentence framing, you can make listeners perceive your thoughts.


    We have the best trainers that prepare you for every walk of your life.


    You get the option to choose between offline and online courses.

    Confidence building

    With us, you can build the confidence you require to outshine in your career.


    Our experts offer counseling to identify your weakness and work on improving them.


    What people say about us?

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    more and interact with our instructor.

    If you are looking to be fluent in English speaking, K.S. Institute can be your find. The experience I had there was excellent, and their classes are quite helpful. After upgrading my communication skills and boosting my confidence level, I bagged a job in a reputed company.

    Subham Saini

    This is the best place to prepare for IELTS. The teachers always come up with innovative ways to concrete the basics in our minds. Learning from here helps me build the confidence that I can clear the exam in one go.

    Pardeep Singh

    I had an amazing experience with K.S. Institute. They have professional and experienced teachers that understand our requirements and help us work on our weak spots. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their communication skills and get higher marks in IELTS and PTE exams.

    Pankaj Mishra

    If you aspire to speak fluent English, this is the place for you. Every basic is explained in a simple manner that makes it easy for us to imbibe. The teachers are always on the go to solve our doubts and help us with everything we ask.

    Ranjan Kashyup