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    Pearson Tests of English (PTE) is a computer-based test that evaluates an individual’s English language skills, intending to study or work in native English-speaking countries. 

    The PTE is recognized by thousands of universities, employers, governments, and professional associations worldwide. If you also aspire to study or work in native English-speaking countries, attaining a good score in PTE is mandatory.

    How To Prepare For PTE?

    By preparing a well-study plan, you can get the desired score on the PTE test. You can also take the help of the best coaching centre for PTE. At the time of Covid, when we are compelled to stay home, many institutions are providing online classes. You just need to list all the options available and pick the best institute for PTE.

    Although if you want to study on your own, you must know the best way to prepare for PTE.

    In this post, we will discuss a few points on how you can prepare a PTE study plan and adhere to it to achieve a good score. So here we go:

    Know where you stand

    First of all, to know how much you need to prepare for the test, find your current proficiency level and where you want it to be. Take mock tests and compare the results with the ones you want to achieve in the PTE Academic. This will provide you a picture of what needs to be done to get a better score.

    Understand the test format

    The next thing you need to do is getting familiar with the PTE Academic structure. Understanding the test format and types of questions asked is significant to achieving a better result.

    Here are the things you should know:

    • How many sections does the test consist of? 
    • How many questions each section has?
    • What task needs to be completed for each question type? 
    • How are responses recorded?
    • How much time is allotted to answer each section?
    • How is each question presented on screen?
    • What skills are assessed? 
    • How are responses scored?

    Get the answers to each question mentioned above and get your preparation started the right way.

    Know how the test is scored

    PTE is a computer-based assessment, and therefore all questions are machine scored. The scores for some questions are entirely based on correctness, while the rest are based on multiple factors, like formal aspects, quality, and correctness.

    Let’s get a brief explanation of all the factors considered to score your answers:

    Formal Aspect: It refers to the form of the response, like whether you have answered a question within the required word limit.

    Quality: The score is given based on the quality of your response, like pronunciation and oral fluency.

    Correctness: The score is based on whether your answer is correct or not.

    Choose the right preparation material

    You can easily find a range of free and paid preparation materials available for PTE Academic. Find the materials that can help you with the preparation and get started.

    Work hard on improving your English skills

    Work on improving your English speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills. Surround yourself in English. Read books, articles, blogs, magazines, websites, and social media posts if they are in English. Learn new words and phrases and note them in a notebook. Watching movies or series in English is another best way to work on the oral fluency of the language. Do everything you can to attain proficiency in the English language.

    Practice sample papers

    Use your spare time to practice your skills:

    • Devote 5 or 10 minutes to practice activities each day that will help you build your knowledge.
    • Practice speaking English wherever you can, like at your home, parties, get-togethers, and workplace.
    • Become a part of English-speaking groups that will let you practice both speaking and listening skills.
    • Grab the opportunities to write in English, for example, sending emails to friends or colleagues.
    • Read from different sources like magazines, newspapers, academic journals, and novels.
    • Listen to English-speaking media, like television and radio broadcasts.
    • Listen to native speakers and closely observe how they use a single word or phrase in different contexts.

    Enroll yourself in an English-speaking course

    There are several institutes for PTE that offer preparation courses. Take advantage of one that fits well into your requirements. The courses also help you to get familiar with the test and build confidence.